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2016 Lottery Information
(Contact Mary at with any questions regarding the list).

SIGN UPS BEGIN ON OPENING DAY!!!!  Saturday May 14th!

We received 190 on time payments that have now been processed and those members are ready to start the season.

Attached is the ordered list of names, chosen by a random selection. 

We are allowing lesson sign-up via strict time periods. This allows freedom to show up when assigned, (we promise to not start early) yet also not (hopefully) having to stand in line for an hour. 

Therefore please adhere to the following timeline:

Numbers 1-50 will start at 11:00am 

Numbers 51-100 will start at 11:15am

Numbers 101-150 will start at 11:30am

Numbers 151-200 will start at 11:45am 

While 50 sign-ups in 15 minutes seems crazy, please remember that ALL members could send in early payment and that there might be large gaps of members that want lessons. We will be shocked if ALL 190 members show up, but adjustments will be made, and we will do our best to keep the lines moving.

See you Saturday, May 14th and please remember to bring your checkbook.

Klahaya Swim and Tennis